Week Commencing 10th December

Dear parents,

What a fabulous glittery week we had last week! the children were full of exciting news about Christmas trees and visits to father Christmas, and have been working hard decorating our tree and doing their Christmas crafts.

Next week we will be making lists for Santa (Any toy catalogues appreciated) and making calendars for the year ahead.

We are also looking forward to the school nativity on Monday and our theater trip on Wednesday (please make sure you arrive in plenty of time for toilet trips etc.)

We have also been working on supporting your child in self-care and independence, this includes putting coats on doing fastenings, putting on shoes, toileting wiping their own bottom (we do check after but encourage them to try), these are all skills they will be expected to be able to do when they get to school so try it at home, you can make it fun try turning it into a challenge or a game .

Please remember if your child is starting school next September the dead line for school applications is 15th Jan 2019, if you need any help please let us know.

In our small groups we will be looking at christmas around the world and using words to talk about sounds (loud, quiet, quick, slow).

Rising fives

Of course we will be having more Christmassy fun making paper chains, and playing noisy neighbour (a fun listening game where the children have to listen to and identify different noises coming from the noisy neighbour) maybe with a christmas twist!

We will be visiting the primary school on monday morning leaving pre-school at 9.15 so please be in for this time for your child to join us.

Theatre trip this Wednesday- the coach will be leaving at 10.00am

Please find attached our every child a talker newsletter with our story of the month and tips to support your child's language development. Did you know that the amount of words your child knows and understands by the age of 5 can determine where they will be in their 30s.

You can never read to many stories with your child!

Kindest regards

Fliss and team

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