Week Commencing 1st October

Dear Parents/Carers,

The children had a lovely week, they have had lots of fun in the mud kitchen and making dens. We also went on listening walks around the village where the children were incredibly behaved and joined in with the activity beautifully, even hearing a billy goat!

Our focus of the week next week will be Physical development, so we will be digging out the climbing frame and experimenting in moving in different ways.

We will also be embracing autumn, making autumn wreaths, leaf painting and doing some leaf rubbings, please feel free to bring in some leaves and other interesting Autumn finds for our activities.

Rising fives- In our rising fives session we will be practicing our cutting skills, and playing a Describe and find it game, which involves having a range of items in front of you and giving the children descriptive clues to help them guess which item you are talking about, for the children who find this alittle easier we will be encouraging them to try and describe the objects.

Small group time- we will be looking at colour mixing, our letters and sounds activity is listening to sock shakers- talking about the sounds we hear and making guesses as to what might be inside.

Please could you ensure that grapes and other similar shaped foods are cut into half in your childrens lunch boxes as they are a choking hazard if left whole, thank you.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Kindest regards

Fliss and team

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