Week Commencing 9th July

Dear parent/carers

Don't forget to join us for our tough toddlers event tomorrow at 10.00 am, it is looking like another lovely day perfect for some outdoor fun!

We had our last forest school session of the school year which was fantastic as always, the children were busy looking for items on their spotter sheets and using brushes to see what they could find under the leaves and earth and of course playing their favourite game 'one, two three where are you?', a huge, huge thank you to Kate for running these sessions the children and staff have enjoyed them very much.

Last week the children made a wonderful feelings board, thinking of the words they would like to use, choosing the card, drawing pictures and helping to laminate it, they were very proud of the end result and have been bust talking to each other about how they are feeling and putting a peg on the board next to how they are feeling. We also had great fun making funny faces to match each emotion, next week we will take photos and make a feelings photo book with the children.

Next week we will setting up our school role play area, many of the children already enjoy playing 'teachers' so I'm sure this will be very popular, we have school clothes for the children to try on and books to read, this will also help the children who are moving up to school and is great for the children who are staying on to get a feel of where their friends are going.

We will be doing some fun animal crafts to fit in with our trip to cattle country next Wednesday.

Small group time: We will be playing eye spy adapting the activity to suit all the children, we will also be sharing some of our favourite stories.

Rising fives:

Our sound of the week will be 's' the children are really enjoying doing their sounds often asking in the week "can we do our sounds today" which is lovely, their favourite part is the jolly phonics songs if you haven't done so already check them out on you tube!

We are also continuing to look at blending and segmenting sounds that make up words.

On Thursday 26th July (the day after we break up) we will be having a big Pre-school clean up and would love some extra hands to tidy up the garden area, if you are able to help out at all we would be very grateful.

Diary dates:

Sunday 8th- Tough toddlers

Wednesday 11th- Trip to cattle country

Thursday 19th- Sports day and end of your celebration picnic, we would love for you all to join us 11.00-1.00 at the park (bring along a picnic lunch).

Wednesday 25th- Last day of term.

Please find attached this months ECAT newsletter with our story and song of the month.

Kindest regards

Fliss and Team

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