Week Commencing 6th Novmeber

Dear parents/carers

I hope you have all had a lovely week, the children have enjoyed making their Halloween crafts and had great fun today at the toddlers Halloween party with Mr Wizz the magician.

The children have also enjoyed playing in the role play shop changing it from day to day, we have had a food shop, clothes, animals and even each other at one point! The children have been busy making price labels and writing shopping lists. We will continue this next week and look at real images of shops from around the world.

Outdoors the children were getting very creative with the plastic crates, wooden planks and tubes making aeroplanes and fishing boats catching fish over the fence with pretend rods.

As well as many of the fun activities we have had this week we will also be making some collage pictures supporting the children with their cutting skills. The children have been talking about scissor safety and impressing me with how many children have remembered how to carry scisdors safely.

In our small group time we will be playing which instrument-using our listening skills to tell the musical instruments apart.

We will also be telling stories using props and introducing some how? where? and why?questions to support the children's understanding.

Rising fives

The children really enjoyed looking through some of our sound tins last week, we are looking through a few each week and playing around having fun making the different sounds.

We will also be playing adjust the volume from the letters and sounds programme. The children will be encouraged to put on their coats independently and we will be encouraging the children with independence skills at their individual levels.

We will be holding a parent's evening on Wednesday 29th from 6-8. Please see your child's key worker to make an appointment time.

Our next trip will be to the Everyman theatre on Friday 8th December to see The tales of Hans Christian Anderson a letter will be out shortly with more information.

Next week I will be sending out letters about a new scheme called 'encompass'. Wiltshire police have set this up to support children if their has been a domestic call out, they will be informing the child's school or early years settings the following day if their has been an issue. The letter is simply to inform you of this as it is our duty to make sure you are aware. Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend

Kind regards

Fliss and team

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