Week Commencing 25th September

Dear Parents/Carers

I can’t believe we are already at the end of our third week of the school year. All of the children have settled so well and I’m really looking forward to the coming year with all of your fantastic children.

This week the children have really enjoyed talking about their homes and looking at different homes from around the world, I had a surprising amount of children that chose the mud hut as their favourite house!

We have also been looking at keeping healthy and healthy eating, the children love looking through the body information books and did really well at selecting pictures of healthy foods, and making me laugh with their lovely comments such as- me: “Is chocolate good for your body?”, child: “no but it’s good for my mouth”.

Our focus of the week has been Mathematics-Numbers and we have enjoyed a range of games some of the children’s favourites include number Dalmatian’s, number bingo and a lovely Handa’s surprise game that Tina made for the children. Next week we will observe the children and plan next steps to support them in this area.

In our small group time we will be looking at some of our favourite books talking about the characters and the pictures in the book. We will also be looking playing ‘favourite sounds’ from the letters and sounds programme.

Rising fives

To continue our healthy choices theme we will be making vegetable rolls choosing our filling from a selection of different vegetables. We will also be playing a game called ‘describe and find it’ where the children have to listen to a description of an animal/object and the children have to guess what it is and then they will have a chance to be the describer.

Lunch boxes- Please could you ensure that grapes and other similar small foods are cut in half as they can be a choking hazard when eaten whole.

Have a fantastic weekend

Kind regards

Fliss and Team

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