Week commencing 18th September...

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you have all had a lovely week. The children have really enjoyed talking about their families this week and of course their pets (the ones they have and the pets they would like to get!). And many of the children have done a lovely picture of their families which are on the board in the Pre-school room.

Next week our focus will be Mathematics so we will be setting up some fun number games nad using some of the children’s favourite items from the maths trolley such as the compare bears and pebbles to encourage some counting out of objects, finding out what happens when we add more/less and looking at different numerals. To join it at home encourage your child to find numbers around the home, and count things out such as grapes as they select them.

We will also be doing some vegetable printing on the craft table, and will be turning our role play into a hospital.

Out doors we will be providing the children with props for emergency services role play. we will also be hiding some number stones around the garden for the children to discover and continuing with bug hunting that the children started this week, we even found a small frog during our search this week.

In our small group time we will be looking at different types of homes and talking about our own homes. We will also be playing sound stories from aspect one of the letters and sounds programme.

Rising fives

We will be looking at healthy eating playing some healthy eating games and creating our own healthy meal pictures. We will also be playing Teddy lost in the jungle.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my cry for help this week with our broken printer, we are pleased to say that thanks to Tina it is back up and running!

Have a great weekend

Kind regards

Fliss and team

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